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the rules :
The activities of this site are subject to global copyright laws and regulations.

Orders placed by the site are made according to the contract and obligations that are announced. digimyket is committed to abiding by the contract with its customer.

Prohibitions or restrictions on the use of digimyket:

Without prejudice to the law and the authority to administer this site, if we conclude that the user is causing a problem or violating its legal requirements, violating the intellectual or legal rights of a third party, or Our commitments and our policies are inconsistent, we can restrict, suspend or block the user’s services and user account, so that digimyket will no longer provide services to this user and on the virtual network page The user himself notifies the offender.
You have also agreed and undertaken not to do the following:

Any action (at our discretion) that is imposed or may be unreasonably, unintentionally or inappropriately put a lot of pressure on our organization’s infrastructure.
False rumors about the company and lies about the company’s brand from the user.
digimyket also agrees to provide all its services in accordance with the initial agreement and at the announced time.

digimyket has a special emphasis on protecting the information and privacy of its users. As a member of DigiMiket to create an account, you will enter information such as your name, email and number, which are used only to provide flawless services by DigiMiket and will be protected by us.

Data protection:
digimyket does not disclose any personal information of its users and also does not transfer it to any person or third parties unless it is in accordance with the law or legal order.

digimyket has three sections of information: statistics collected about users, site traffic and site-related information. We use your personal characteristics only to respond to yourself or to prepare statistical reports to better identify users.

digimyket creates log files and databases of user information to analyze how to use them during each month. In this way we can have a better understanding of the site and improve the content we provide on the site. Of course, this information includes the individual and personal characteristics of each user. We reiterate that we do not disclose any of your personal information to any third party unless it is your permission or we are required by law to do so.

Closing remarks:

digimyket may occasionally improve or change its business policies. We encourage you to read this page from time to time to be aware of possible policy changes. If you have any questions about the rules and policies of digimyket site, you can share them with us.